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More than this

You’ve thought about it. What if I dropped everything and started new? What if I chased that passion that’s just a hobby? What if?...what if?...what...if? Some spend their lives pondering that question, and others run headfirst into it.

Vox Creative and Straight Talk Wireless have come together to bring those stories — the ones that seek to answer that lingering “what if?” — to you.

We’re celebrating everyday extraordinary possibilities that reveal themselves when we stop knocking on doors and start creating them. These are the stories of six people who went against the grain, created a new path for themselves, and followed their passions because they knew they could do More Than This.

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Episode 1: Mandy

When your comfort zone disappears, where do you go next?

Our host Danielle travels to Tampa, Florida to meet with Mandy Harvey, a musician making everyone stop and listen. Having traveled the world on tour, and with her fifth album underway, Mandy tells Danielle about the innovation and determination it took to find musical success. Mandy’s story is all about creating the life you want, even when the path ahead of you disappears.

Episode 2: Carla

Finding the courage to make the change you want to see in the world.

Still in the sunshine state, Danielle travels north to Jacksonville to speak with Carla La’Vette Brown. A long-time lover of vintage clothing, she’s spent years let down by the lack of size and gender inclusivity in the industry. Here’s the story of how she took charge, and created the change she’s long dreamt of seeing.

Episode 3: Azikiwee

When an odd hobby turns out to be the glue you needed to make yourself whole again.

In a cross-country jump, Danielle travels to San Francisco to chat with artisan sourdough baker Azikiwee Anderson. For as long as he can remember, Azikiwee’s path has been anything but expected, but the evolution of his quarantine pastime might just be the biggest surprise yet. Here’s the story of a man who took his newfound love of sourdough to the extreme, and is using it to feed his community in more ways than one.

Episode 4: Flora

A story of leaning into love, embracing change, and letting your heart lead you.

In San Francisco, Danielle meets up with journalist Flora Tsapovsky. Diving deep into love stories, global moves, and what it’s like restarting a career in a country and language that isn’t your own, Tsapovsky shares a story fit for a romantic comedy. Here’s the story of a woman who trusted her gut, followed her heart, and was courageous enough to start again.

Episode 5: Aileen

When financial barriers close doors, how do you push them open?

Moving south, Danielle travels to Moreno Valley, California to visit Aileen Luib. The fashion and finance influencer is all about transparency and honesty with her followers, especially around debt and the stigma associated with it. Here is a story of a woman working to empower others to take control of the financial barriers holding them down.

Episode 6: Prashant

A story of following the path that brings you joy, even when it means leaving things behind.

Wrapping up her west coast tour, Danielle makes a final stop in Portland to talk with DJ Prashant Kakad about what it was like deciding to leave the comfort of his daily life to pursue the hobbies bringing him joy. Prashant’s energizing story is all about straying from a path that’s no longer serving you to create one of your own.